Why do our hearts change?

If we do not always serve Hari with love, our mind will become disturbed. Service to Hari should be constant. If there is the slightest interruption in our service, the illusory energy will take advatage of it and shallow us.

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How should we serve devotees of various qualifications?

We should engage cent percent in the service of the Mahabhagwata.

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What is the path of devotional service?

Any path that does not deal with service of Krsna is a nondevotional path. In pure service to Krsna, there is no desire other than the desire to please Krsna.

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What is Universal religion?

People in this world currently regard activities such as following religious princiles or serving our fellow citizens as the topmost religion, but they are nothing but attempts at sense gratification by the atheistic community through the artificial processes of Karma, jyana, and yoga.

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How should we chant and serve?

Until we develop firm faith that service to Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas is topmost, we cannot attain auspiciousness. Therefore, we should first serve the Deity with firm faith and chant the Lord holy name simply for His pleasure.

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Message of Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur.