» Why do our hearts change?

» How should we serve devotees of various qualifications?

» What is the path of devotional service?

» What is Universal religion?

» How should we chant and serve?

» अध: पतन क्यों होता है?

» हम कर्त्ता क्यों बन जाते हैं?

» संसार में किस प्रकार रहना होगा?

» क्या बहुत दिनों तक बचे रहना अच्छा है?

» Should we have immense faith in God?

» How can we destroy dissatisfaction?

» Is praying to the Lord for a healthy life deterimental to devotional service?

» Is the desire for frame an impediment on the devotional path?

» Is a Kanishtha-adhikari superior to a karmi or jyani?

» What is the living entity's ultimate goal?

» क्या संसार में सुख है?

» What is service?

» How can we attain Krsna's service?

» Is working for Krsna, devotional service?

» What kind of Vaishnava has no possessions?

» Is it possible to recognize a devotee simply by examining his external activities, education, or degree of wealth?

» Can a person become liberated from material existence simply by becoming a sannyasi?

» How should devotees live at home? How should they live in the Matha?

» Is it essential to serve the Lord?

» Should one serve the devotees and the Supreme Lord personally?

» How do we become free of lusty desires?

» How do we achieve strength and mercy?

» Who should live in the Matha?

» How long does the living entity remain conditioned?

» Whom should the Matha avoid?

» Should we give up material enjoyment [karma] and renunciation [jyana]?

» What is the highest welfare activity?

» How do we achieve devotional service?

» Is there harm in not properly following the spiritual master's orders?

» Is the spiritual master great?

» What actions will bring us auspiciousness?

» Is anything possible without the spiritual master's mercy?

» What are the initiating and instructing gurus? What is the function of the guru who dwells in the heart?

» Isn't the dust from the feet of guru and Vaishnavas worshipable?

» Is it most offensive to disobey the spiritual master's order?

» What is the result of taking shelter at the feet of a bonafide spiritual master?

» What do we need to do now?

» In spite of accepting mantras, why are our minds still unregulated?

» What is the function of the caitya-guru (SuperSoul) and the other forms of Guru?

» How will I understand whether or not a spiritual master is bonafide?

» How can we understand the Absolute Truth?

» How we will receive a bonafide spiritual master ?

» Who can act as a spiritual master?

» Who is the internal spiritual master?

» How can we understand the actual truth?

» Is receiving the spiritual master's mercy the only way to attain Krsna's mercy?

» Is it possible to remain materialistic after seeing the spiritual master?

» Of what type of guru should we take shelter?

» What is Karta-bhaja, self-worship?

» What does it mean that spiritual master does not make any disciples?

» What is the meaning of initiation?

» Is it important to take shelter at the feet of vaishnvas?

» Does Krsna appear in the form of a spiritual master to teach His own service?

» Is the spiritual master's mercy Krsna's mercy?

» Who is a spiritual master and how should he be served?

» How do we find a genuine spiritual master?

» Is indulging in worldly talks harmful to devotional service?

» Isn't it posiible to serve Hari by our own endeavors?

» How can we enhance our devotional service?

» What a is service?

» Who can act as our spiritual master?

» What is the path of auspiciousness?

» What is devotional service?

» Who is a devotee?

» Does a devotee see Krsna everywhere?

» What is the conception of the devotees?

» What should a disciple's mentality be?

» What is a real disciple?

» What does a devotee understand to be true?

» Is there more to the mentality we should maintain?

» What should the mentality of practitioners like us be?

» Do the devotees practice worldy morality?

» What mentality should a devotee maintain?

» How does a devotee see the material world?

» What is the mentality of a Vaishnav?

» What is the mentality of a surrendered soul?

» Is it proper to consider the spiritual master as God or the supreme enjoyer?

» Do the spiritual master and the vaishnvas approve all of our actions?

» Who is spiritual master?

» What is the mentality of a devotee?

» Is every devotee worshipable? Who protects the devotees?

» What should be the mentality of a householder devotee?

» How does a Vaishnav who is fixed at his spiritual master's lotus feet think?

» What is a pure devotee's mentality?

» Why is the spiritual master called Prabhupada or Vishnupada?

» Should we discuss the spiritual master's instructions everyday?

» What does a spiritual master give to a surrendered soul?

» Will whatever we do out of duty destroy nescience?

» How should we treat the material world?

» Can we save ourselves?

» Don't you have many disciples?

» Do we really need to be introspective?

» What instructions does a bonafide spiritual master give?

» How dertermined we should be to serve the spiritual master's lotus feet?

» What is the difference between the science relating to the spiritual master and the science relating to Sri Radha?

» How should I treat my spiritual master?

» Is it safe to take disciples?

» What is the difference between my spiritual master and me?

» What does it mean to approach a spiritual master and inquire from him?

» Can we immediately attain Srimati Radhika's lotus feet?

» Do we attain everything by taking shelter at the feet of a bonafide spiritual master?

» How do we achieve the mercy of Lord Nityananda, the Original Guru?

» Should we approach the spiritual master or Lord Gauranga while holding a return ticket?

» If Jesus Christ was a jagat-guru and his instructions capable of bringing us deliverance, why do we need a spiritual master?

» Where should we repose our faith?

» Why are our obstacles not destroyed and our desires not fulfilled?

» How do pure devotees respect their spiritual master?

» What mentality should a sincere disciple have?

» Is there no hope of attaining auspiciousness without serving the guru?

» Who follows the path of argumentation?

» When will we achieve auspiciousness?

» Can an ordinary man speak about the spiritual world?

» Did you make disciples?

» What quality must we possess before we make disciples?

» Should everyone be respected as a Spiritual master?

» Should we enjoy the items meant for the spiritual master's service?

» Do we get a spiritual master by Lord's mercy?

» Is it the spiritual master fully independent?

» Is it most essential to serve the Spiritual master?

» Who can deliver us from material absorption?

» Will we be cheated if we do not take complete shelter of the spiritual master?

» When does the Supreme Lord manifest in the heart?

» Is the Spiritual master present in everything?

» Will we face difficulty if we forget our spiritual master?

» Can we see the Supreme Lord without the spiritual master's help?

» Is it essential to associate and serve the spiritual master directly?

» Should we render service to the spiritual master every day?

» Is the spiritual master an ordinary man?

» Is it possible to serve Krsna without Spiritual master?

» Who is a Vaishnav?

» What does it mean to be happy?

» Is faith in the Spiritual master's lotus feet the root of devotional service?

» Is Sri Radharani the original spiritual master?

» Isn't it possible to worship Krsna without taking shelter of the spiritual master's lotus feet?

» How we can understand vaishnava philosophy?

» Who is qualify to become a spiritual master?

» How can we achieve Krsna's complete mercy?

» Who is eligible for deliverance?

» Is the spiritual master enriched by Krsna's wealth?

» Where can we find a spiritual master?

» Should we make disciples?

» Who is an actual disciple?

» Who can understand the mystery of bhajan?

» Why are we unable to serve Krsna?

» Whose association should we desire?

» Which literature is topmost?

» Should we give up bad association?

» How do we worship Hari constantly?

» Of What should we be careful?

» Should we give up bad association?

» How do we worship Hari constantly?

» How we should live at home?

» How can we realize the self?

» How should we think of ourselves in relation to Krsna?

» How can we achieve mental strength?

» Can we serve Lord on our own

» Is it extremely necessary to associate with pure devotees?

» Is it improper to associate intimately with women?

» Why shudh Naam is not happening?

» Should we renounce the association of those greedy for money?

» Is this important to always associate only with devotees?

» Is association with devotees the most essential element of our Krsna consciousness?

» How can we achieve Lord Hari

» What is a devotee's duty?

» आचार्य कौन है ?

» Is it necessary to live with devotees to get their association?

» What is good fortune?

» How should we live?

» Whose association should we desire?